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Why come for lessons in the Alexander Technique ?

Performers find that the Technique helps with voice production and movement.
People who work at desks with computers find that the Technique helps to alleviate back, neck and shoulder pain.
People who suffer from repetitive strain injury, joint pain and other painful conditions get relief from Alexander Technique lessons.
People who feel stressed find that the Technique helps them to relax and develop calmness.
Athletes find that they develop stamina and improve their performance.

What is involved in having an Alexander lesson ?

Simple procedures are used in the lesson. These include standing, sitting down, and walking, as well as table work. The pupil is encouraged to use less muscular effort when moving. The teacher uses his/her hands to guide the pupil through movements. Verbal instructions are given and the use of Alexander's "directions" encouraged.

The aim of the lesson is to encourage the pupil to stop harmful habitual patterns of behaviour and to use the body more efficiently. Using the body more efficiently puts less strain on the joints and vital organs. The teacher aims to raise the pupil's level of self-awareness.

How many lessons are recommended ?

 Between 20 and 30 lessons are recommended, although this is not prescriptive. Weekly lessons are recommended.