• I was I a car accident in my mid twenties in which my face went through the windscreen. That was the beginning of some physical problems, which included frequent headaches.

What the Alexander Technique has done for me is to act as a reminder to allow my back, and in my case especially my neck, to lengthen. It helps free up the joints from undue strain.

By practising the technique one learns to retrain the body quite naturally.  

Annie R.

  • I started Alexander Technique to improve my postural position after spinal injury. I was struggling to get back to being physically comfortable and knew that my posture was the main reason for this.

I describe the Alexander Technique, as a gentle series of positions that the body learns are the best ones for you. In many ways the learning is unconscious as it taps into your body's muscle memory and reminds me of the Chi work that underpins martial arts (perhaps this is a bit esoteric for some people). Through breath you relax and I enjoy my weekly sessions and they are a way for me to tune out of the rest of my life. In terms of posture, I am definitely more aware of my body position when walking and sitting, etc. and I am striding to embed this in all movements. It is slow but worthwhile and a good long-term way to improve posture. It also makes you realise that most of the furniture you come across is no good for you!

Helen C.

  • I was diagnosed with Costochrondritis in November 2013. I went to see a Rheumatologist who recommended the Alexander Technique. Since I started classes 6 months ago, there has been a huge improvement with my chest pain and I feel my aches and pains have reduced dramatically. Jenny is very patient and gently encourages the correct movements. She is able to give a sense of how the ability to stop, think and consciously free our movement can help regain the natural balance that gets lost over years of bad habits. Jenny is always looking for new ways in which the Alexander Technique can be used and enjoys sharing this knowledge. She is an enthusiastic teacher who obviously gets great pleasure from helping people.